Providing alternative, project-oriented education to marginalised young people.

Bringing communities together.

Raising awareness, and providing support in many areas, such as autism and dementia to name a few.


The Smith Brothers Foundation works with local communities to offer support in many ways.  We offer community led groups in many areas to allow for inclusion of all.  We also offer an alternative form of education to marginalised, disadvantaged people who need to learn in a different way to the traditional education system that is predominantly academically based to one that is project-oriented and provides individualistic tuition.  We also bring communities together.


The Smith Brothers Foundation offers community led workshops, mobile training, and group sessions, educational led both non and accredited courses. By offering peer on peer support within our workshops we can bring communities together in many areas.  We will also be focusing on many areas such as inter generational projects, health and fitness this includes mental well being, which is a big focus, more than ever in the current climate. Current research shows these are the area’s best suited to help reengage both communities and young people that do not engage in the mainstream education system which we recognise is not for everyone. We will also provide full Internal Quality Assurance with any courses that are to be delivered either through our own team or with our suite of partnering providers.


The foundation will target both disadvantaged and help with the most vulnerable of people of all ages, including minority groups, also including young people on the verge of expulsion, with the mental wellbeing of people at the forefront of all we do.

We are also working towards opening our hub, working with the local community we are providing workshops, encouraging peer on peer support with projects such as cooking on a budget, young parent groups, groups for the LGBTQ+ community and much more.  We are community led, by asking the community what they need we provide this service.

Our venue will be a hub for communities to have a safe environment to meet. Operating as a training venue throughout the day for holistic education, group meetings and workshops for all ages and demographics within the community.


The Smith Brothers Foundation will provide clear and manageable goals and frameworks for young people and disadvantaged adults who need – or want – learning and practice to be closely connected. This includes several areas of society including dementia care homes and other vulnerable and disadvantaged adults as an example.

The crux of the learning environment and pedagogy is learning through doing; practical work and the solving of tasks in a working community aimed a real production and marketing of goods and services.


Strong communities are critical, because they are often an important source of social connection and sense of belonging.  By engaging the community in our sessions and encouraging participation, is an essential ingredient to enjoying a fulfilling life.

Being part of a community enables us to give support to other members. Being supportive of others will help them to feel good and better about themselves. … When people feel empowered, they feel a sense of control enabling them to influence positive change.  This is a vital social connection and engagement tool to boost physical and mental health. 

At The Smith Brothers Foundation we are bringing communities together and value our inclusive ethos, this foundation is for all.  Resilient communities come together and adapt.  We are encouraging that at all levels and are led by our own communities to give them the tools they need to grow.


We are looking at external funding to support this project as well as bids we will be applying for to fund our journey also. Any support you may be able to give us around any of the areas would be greatly appreciated to help us make a change and give people the wings they need to fly.


For further information on projects we are looking at, or if you feel there is an area we can work within, please do contact us.

If you would like more information of how to support or get involved with the charity, please also contact us.

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