Delivering a number of Community led workshops and alternative education programmes that focus on both peer on peer support, bringing communities together and also work based learning that connects the needs of the individual and the requirements of employers in all areas of society.


We are working in community led projects in areas of most need, and we also provide an alternative form of education to marginalised young people who need to learn in a different way to the traditional education system that is predominantly academically based to one that is project-oriented and provides individualistic tuition.

We will achieve this through delivery of an alternative education programme that focusses on work based learning and the production of goods and services which reflect and connect the needs of the individual and the requirements of employers.


Production Education

Offer Production Education to young/ disadvantaged people who are disengaged or at risk of disengagement from mainstream education, or who may have lost their job or looking for additional training.


Education can simply be helping people with benefits they may not know they can access, helping with cookery classes allowing people to stretch groceries further and make their money go further.  Educating people on challenges they are facing, as an example teenage self esteem classes, autism awareness courses and more.

Education can be for any age or gender.  We never stop learning!


Supporting Schools & Local Communities

Providing workshops for local communities.  Community led and covering their needs to allow us to bring support where genuinely needed.  This includes foodbank alternatives in various means.  Workshops for those living with autism, dementia and other challengers and their carers.  Getting information out to the community for them to have peer on peer support, giving tools to help people better their own lives.

We will also offer support for respite care, allowing much needed support for people caring for people facing a number of challenges.


Funding & Donations

Development of wider funding sources and opportunities by utilising private donations and specific bids to work within the areas we are reaching to.  We will run private fundraising events and any sponsorship opportunities will be explored to allow funding to come from a variety of places, allowing us to continue our much needed work.


Coaching & Development

Coaching can come in many forms, such as cooking workshops, offer of  sessions during school holidays to communities that may not have personal funds to attend privately run courses, or the offer of such sessions to schools to enhance learning in all areas. Developing life skills, employability skills and general skills to assist with opening opportunities to people that may not have had this without a form of development.


We are looking at external funding to support this project as well as bids we will be applying for to fund our journey also. Any support you may be able to give us around any of the areas would be greatly appreciated to help us make a change and give people the wings they need to fly.


For further information on projects we are looking at, or if you feel there is an area we can work within, please do contact us.

If you would like more information of how to support or get involved with the charity, please also contact us.

Simply complete the contact form with your information.

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